So it's one of the gloomy days for her and you just want to make her feel better. We have put together 5 really sweet things that you could do to brighten your girlfriend's day!

1. Surprise her with your presence. What can be a better gift than your time?
2. Hugs and kisses. A quick search will tell you that hugs and kisses will boost her "happy hormones" and boost yours too.
3. Bring her favourite food. Buy or make, bring the food. You are what you eat, bring her happy food and chances are, she will be happier too.
4. Go for a stroll together. Brisk walking increases endorphins which will help to improve her mood. For a relaxing stroll, try walking along the Singapore River. Else, anywhere near her house is fine as well. Just keep walking!
5. Get her a customized one-in-a-world type of gift to show her that she is your one and only. Here at Mildly Pink, we make beautiful clay earrings that ladies love. Reach us via WhatsApp/DM via Instagram @mildlypink for a chat and we will assist you with choosing the most suitable gift for her. For a greater surprise, try customizing the earrings! Share your ideas and we will help to   transform them into reality. Good rates guaranteed. 
6. Send some HEARTS to her office. At just $15 per pair, our classic glittered heart ear studs are great for everyday wear. She will be reminded of your love every single day.

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